Update on Issues and Problems

Here’s a short update on the pervasive—and incorrect—use of the word issue to mean problem. Mistakes are everywhere (and we all make them).  

Ann Curry to guests, Today Show, January 15, 2008: It would be good if you could stop this obesity issue in your family now.

AOL headline story, January 14, 2008: A story about Hilary Duff’s microphone not working at her concert said that she had “mic issues.” (Headline story? Guess there was nothing else going on in the world.)

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of The View, January 15, 2008: If you tell me the truth, then there’s no issue.

In all 3 instances, the word issue could have—and should have—been replaced by the word problem. As it stands now, Ann Curry told her guests that it would be good for them to stop the obesity topic at home, Hilary Duff’s microphone wouldn’t work because it had topics, and as long as Whoopi Goldberg’s friends tell her the truth, there won’t be any topics in their relationships.

Ok. Enough said.


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