Tasty Upset or Indigestible Loss?

I’m sure that many college football fans were shocked when LSU upset 13th ranked Georgia Tech in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl last week. Not being a college football fan, I was shocked, too—not at the outcome of the game but at a bowl game being named after a fried chicken sandwich. How did that happen?

When I hear Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and perhaps even the Cotton Bowl, I think of hard-fought games played by excellent teams in historic venues. It’s what college football is all about. I don’t think about greasy food.

When I think of Chik-Fil-A, I think of a mall food court filled with the special scent of grease, Chinese food, and perhaps Victoria’s Secret perfume (if the store is unfortunate enough to be near the food court). The only example of athleticism is displayed by the security guard when he races to that little cart when called to help an elderly person search for his misplaced vehicle. I don’t think of great football.

I know that sponsorships have become increasingly important in football, not only in the bowl games but in the names of stadiums, but shouldn’t we have some standards? I mean, seriously, the Chik-Fil-A bowl? It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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