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Sporting Errors

Posted by languageandgrammar on September 20, 2008

If you think that the monthly review of topics that we’ve covered is a thing of the past, then you’ve got another thing coming. In fact, that’s what I’m presently writing.

While politics separates us at times, sports often unites us together as we gather in our media rooms or man caves (rooms we seem to frequent a lot) and root for all of our teams to have a perfect 16-0 record. Sports goes acrossed political divides and collegiate rivalries (I graduated college many years ago) and gives us an opportunity to make a few snacks (try to avoid violating the two-second rule), avoid the world full of actual facts and overly hyped news coverage (Hurricane Ike coverage), and watch football on a Sunday afternoon.

That’s all well and good, but by Monday, the excitement of Friday will be long passed, and we will have to concern ourselves with the ordinary things of life, such as the weather forecast for the week and trying to save money.


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The Errors of Summer

Posted by languageandgrammar on August 11, 2008

Even though I was initially uninterested, it peaked my curiousity when I read that, as we get older, we actually perceive time as moving more quickly. That might explain why it’s already time for my monthly post highlighting all of the errors in the past month–whomever (or is it whosever) said that the summer is flying by is right. I feel badly about that.

As a result, we at languageandgrammar.com (Sherry and me) are preparing for a staycation since getting some time off this month was doable. We’re staycationing instead of vacationing not because of a negative savings rate or because her and I want to watch the Red Sox and Yankess on television, but because the summer has been comprised of so many activities. By the time year ends and the election has been decided, we want to have drank some lemonade by a pool.

If I weren’t doing some stealth advertising related to my book, then we were concerned about compromising the user experience by not writing enough posts or shopping for ripe fruit or reading about nuclear power (it’s the ultimate green energy source, you know!).


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Monthly Error Report

Posted by languageandgrammar on July 6, 2008

It’s definately been an exciting month here at languageandgrammar.com, so my monthly post on all of our errors is gonna be a little late. When I wasn’t being handy (at least the stainless steel appliances and pre-owned car didn’t break), we (Sherry and myself) were executing a daring rescue or following the latest breaking news story, such as a Clinton heist.

The simple fact is that I’m not stuck in one placeas I have been efforting to ran down abusers of nouns. I guess that’s the exact same thing that I did last month, but whose counting. Due to the fact that I have more promotion related to the book, I wanna keep working hard–even if I’m not on Good Morning America.


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Monthly Review, Radio Style

Posted by languageandgrammar on May 27, 2008

I thought that it was a definite possibility that my monthly review of errors posted on languageandgrammar.com would be more impactful if it were combined with the review of radio promotion that I promised every one. I’ll let that up to you to determine.

Anyways, even before Literally, the Best Language Book Ever reached the stores, I did an interview too promote the book. I was nervous before it began, but it didn’t have any affect; I did a total 360 within minutes, which allowed the interview to go well. All of the hosts who interviewed me were charming, supportive, and friendly–although some of the shows were very early in the morning, so the hosts had jobs I’d hate to have. One of the interviews snuck up on me since I nearly overslept, but I didn’t get any blowback since the interview went well.

For the most part, I was able to make the points I wanted to make in the interviews–that the words we chose are important, many of our phrases loose effectiveness when their said too often, and that we should be fed up with certain grammar errors–while keeping the topic light. Whether or not the listener at home agreed was up to hisself.

I don’t want to diss myself, especially after saving nine ducklings, but I have to tell you about the stupidest part of all of the interviews. The host brang me a question about one of the entries in the book (I’ve went), and while I set in my chair, there was a war going on in my head–I couldn’t remember that the entry was about the past participle, so I struggled through the explanation. At least I didn’t have to talk about Obama Republicans or becoming a statistic.


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Politically Incorrect

Posted by languageandgrammar on April 12, 2008

Its been awhile since I’ve done one of my very unique entires that highlights all of the errors that we’ve talked about in the past month (28 Language Errors in one Post), so I thought I’d write another one today. To make it interesting, I gave this entry a political theme. Granted, it might not interesting enough for a press release, but I put enough sweat equity into it (along with doing research in the dictionary) so that I hope you enjoy it.

Irregardless of the need for the candidates to flesh out their positions on a number of important topics, the general consensus is that the election process has gone on expecially long this year. Living in Pennsylvania, which has traditionally been a blue state (but could be more accurately called a purple state), all of the candidates have telecasted commercials in recent weeks, and while I don’t mean to infer that the candidates could of been lying, their tendency to misspeak means that getting accurate information about the issues has been a hit-and-miss prospect.

I did some research before I started writing this post (I’d also done some site updates), and I’ve decided that the only reasonable resolution is to determine the Democratic nomination by having a taste test, as long as everything are done the same for both candidates. It seems fair, and, more importantly, it would save us time and money. It could be simulcasted on radio and television, and as long as none of the candidates becomes nauseous, we’ll know within minutes if the person we’d forecasted to win actually won.


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28 Language Errors in One Post!

Posted by languageandgrammar on March 17, 2008

I did alot of ideating today and decided to start a new regular feature on the blog: a post that highlights all of the entries that Sherry and I have written in the past month. I thought that I would start on your Monday. Organizing the material was like a nightmare or something, but yet I thought it was worth doing. It’s not because it would result in more income coming in, but the reason is because highlighting these ones would point out the inanity of the way in which we speak.

When laying down for a nap, I gave myself some pushback about doing these kind of posts, but I drug myself out of bed, turned on NPR Radio, and soon the keyboard was literally on fire from the speed of my typing. I had enough self-confidence in myself to know that the post would turn out alright.

There’s a couple of things that I may have misrememberedwho versus that, eck cetera–but I have to wrap this up since I have to go to the store (I hope I don’t have any problems with SUVs in the parking lot) before the rains begin. I have less things to pick up than I had originally thought, but at least it will still be light out because of Daylight Savings Time (asterik).

Un-Freaking-believable–I actually did it. I’m sorry if anyone was offended by my post.

(asterik) In the year two thousand and eight, DST started earlier than it had in the past.


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