If A Blog is Written in the Woods…

…and no one reads it, then is it still a blog?

What I’m trying to say is that I know that it takes a while to become established in the blog community, and since you’ve got to start somewhere, this is it. Let me tell you a little about what to expect in the blog.

The title of the blog, of course, is language and grammar, so that’s what most of the posts will be about. Notice, though, that the name of the blog is not boring language and grammar, so it’s  not going to be dry, monotonous, and bland as a sixth-grade English class on a Friday afternoon.

The posts will be light, interesting, and full of examples taken from everyday conversations, television, the Internet, and newspapers. The posts will also go beyond grammar rules–although those are important and will be include–since good communication goes beyond grammar rules.

 I could go on, but one of the rules about good communication is knowing when to stop.


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