Is It Have Gone or Have Went?

Don’t get the past tense of the verb to go confused with the past participle of the verb to go. The past tense is went, and the past participle is gone, and each one has a different place in a sentence.

Example: I should have went while I had the chance. (wrong)

When using have (or has), you need the past participle, not the past tense. In this example, the sentence should be I should have gone while I had the chance.

Here are other examples:

  • He could have went if he’d been ready. (wrong)
  • He could have gone if he’d been ready. (correct)
  • They’ve went to the office. (wrong)
  • They’ve gone to the office. (correct)
  • I might have went if I’d been asked. (wrong)
  • I might have gone if I’d been asked. (correct)


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