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Price Point Has No Point

Posted by languageandgrammar on January 5, 2008

I recently saw a popular fashion expert on television talking about what she knows best–fashion–where she said There’s a perfect black pant for every price point.

There’s also a perfect solution for every grammar problem–well, maybe not every grammar problem, but there is for this annoying one. Is the price point the point at which we have a price? Then isn’t that just called the PRICE? Or is the price point a price range? If it is, then maybe we should call it a price range.

It sounds as if, once again, some middle manager somewhere came up with a term to make the graphs and charts in his reports sound more important. But what does that say about the rest of us who mimic this absurdity?

If it’s a price range, then say price range. If it’s a price, then say price. Those words have been in our vocabulary for quite some time, and they’ve served us quite well.


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