Say No to Income Coming In

Don’t get me wrong–I’m not saying no to income, but I’m saying no to the redundant phrase income coming in. Income, of course, is money that you receive, which means money that comes to you. In other words, saying income coming in would be the same as saying money coming in coming in.

It’s not more money; it’s just more words.

Note: Many of you may have noticed that we at did not comment on National Grammar Day on Tuesday. There’s a good reason; actually, there are two possible reasons, and it’s for you to decide which you prefer.

It’s either because it’s always national grammar day at or because it’s a silly occasion after which to name a day. It’s as useful as Frozen Food Month, which, by the way, was February. I hope you didn’t miss it.


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  1. mightyredpen says:

    A blog where it’s always National Grammar Day? Definitely sounds like my kind of place. Just discovered you guys and I think your blog is great!

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