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Posted by languageandgrammar on March 21, 2008

We’ve received a couple of questions lately about how to print out single entries from our site, so we checked it out to see what the problem was and how to correct it.

It turns out that you actually can print out single entries, and there are a couple of ways to do it. The first way is to highlight the entry that you want and print from there, just as you would with almost any other Internet text. You’ll get the entry, but you’ll also get all of the other information on the page, which will be unformatted.

The second way is to highlight the entry that you want, paste it into a Word file, and print it from there without saving it. It’s an extra 10 seconds of work, and it’ll get you just the text.

We also wanted to update everyone on additions to our site. We’ve added Paul’s Posts and added more (future) entries to Sherry’s Grammar List. This will make it easier to search for exactly what you’re looking for and click on individual entries (for either perusing or printing!).

In addition, as the publication date for Paul’s book (Literally, the Best Language Book Ever) gets closer, we’ll add information to Paul’s Upcoming Book.

Sherry and Paul


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