Monthly Review, Radio Style

I thought that it was a definite possibility that my monthly review of errors posted on would be more impactful if it were combined with the review of radio promotion that I promised every one. I’ll let that up to you to determine.

Anyways, even before Literally, the Best Language Book Ever reached the stores, I did an interview too promote the book. I was nervous before it began, but it didn’t have any affect; I did a total 360 within minutes, which allowed the interview to go well. All of the hosts who interviewed me were charming, supportive, and friendly–although some of the shows were very early in the morning, so the hosts had jobs I’d hate to have. One of the interviews snuck up on me since I nearly overslept, but I didn’t get any blowback since the interview went well.

For the most part, I was able to make the points I wanted to make in the interviews–that the words we chose are important, many of our phrases loose effectiveness when their said too often, and that we should be fed up with certain grammar errors–while keeping the topic light. Whether or not the listener at home agreed was up to hisself.

I don’t want to diss myself, especially after saving nine ducklings, but I have to tell you about the stupidest part of all of the interviews. The host brang me a question about one of the entries in the book (I’ve went), and while I set in my chair, there was a war going on in my head–I couldn’t remember that the entry was about the past participle, so I struggled through the explanation. At least I didn’t have to talk about Obama Republicans or becoming a statistic.


Paul’s book–Literally, the Best Language Book Ever;

Sherry’s Grammar List

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