Red Sox/Yankees on TV?

Imagine my surprise when I turned on the television on Sunday night and found that the national baseball game on ESPN was the New York Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox. Why, that hadn’t been the national game since way back on Saturday, and before that, it hadn’t been since Friday.

The obsession with the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry has become so extreme that I have a suggestion for Major League Baseball:  Baseball should re-align its two leagues. In its current arrangement, we have the National League and American League. In the new alignment, it would be the YankeeSox League and the Every Other Team League.

The Every Other Team League would closely replicate the current system, with the teams playing one another, and a couple of teams would make the playoffs. That would not be too exciting without the Yankees or Red Sox involved, but every new idea has its flaw. The excitement would be made up for in the other league, the YankeeSox League.

In that league, the Yankees and Red Sox would play 162 games against each other—and every single one of them would be broadcast on national television and national radio. On their rare days off, highlights of previous games could be shown. After the 162-game season was complete, the first place team would make the playoffs as the division winner. Now, if there were to be a tie, then the Yankees and Red Sox would play a best-of-three series to determine which one of them was the first place team. Imagine how exciting that would be—as many as three more games between the Yankees and Red Sox! The team that finished second in the YankeeSox League would be the wild card team, also making the playoffs.

This would set the stage for the Important World Series, which is not to be confused with the World Series. The World Series would be between those teams in the Every Other Team League. Boooring! The Important World Series champion would be determined by a best-of-19 series between the division champs and wild card team of the YankeeSox League. I’m sure that Fox and ESPN can’t wait for that. I know I can’t.


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