Vetting is just like the Olympics–there’s a lot of talk about it every four years whether we want to hear it or we don’t.

Vetting means to subject to a thorough examination or evaluation, and the only vetting that ever seems to happen is of a potential vice presidential candidate by a presidential candidate. That’s usually not just vetting, either; it’s a vetting process. Politics is very uncertain in this country, with misleading statements, candidates misspeaking or misremembering, and negative advertising; thank goodness no one ever LIES–a word that you’ll never hear. It’s good to know that with all of the uncertainty, the presidential nominees go through a detailed vetting process before selecting a vice presidential candidate.

This detailed, extensive, and thorough vetting process ensures that no one who is ever selected for vice president isn’t qualified to be president. For instance, no presidential candidate would ever select a candidate who is facing a scandal in his or her home state, does not have experience with international leaders, or cannot speak about the issues in detail.

Well, the election is almost here–and the word vetting will be put on the shelf for another four years.


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