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Choose This!

Posted by languageandgrammar on May 12, 2008

A couple of days ago, I was reading the comments related to an Internet article listing food that packs on the pounds (is there really anyone out there who still doesn’t know that cream-filled doughnuts and buttered mashed potatoes could be the reason that the number on the scale keeps getting higher?), and I came across the chose/choose spelling error. Since it wasn’t the first time that I’d encountered that mistake, I thought that perhaps there were more of you who might like some information.

Choose rhymes with lose, cruise, and booze (I know, I know, English is full of spelling inconsistencies), as in I lose my temper, A cruise to ANYWHERE would do me a world of good, and Is it too early in the day for a little booze? It does not rhyme with loose; loose has a soft –s sound; choose has the –z sound. I choose my battles wisely.

The past tense of choose is chose, which rhymes with close, sews, and snows. She chose her maid of honor by pulling a name out of a hat. (Is there anyone out there who’s actually done that?)


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