Media Room

It’s 2008, and any person who doesn’t have a media room in his house is so 2003.



What I don’t understand is why so many people have the need for a room devoted to the media, which, of course, includes radio stations, newspapers, television stations, and certain Internet reporters. These otherwise ordinary people must hold many more press conferences than I do. I have never needed to entertain members of the media in my house, and if that need ever arose, I’m sure that my living room would suffice. It’s hard to imagine a time when I would need an entire room just for that purpose.


Wait a minute–maybe people aren’t referring to the media room as a room for the media but, rather, as a room where they watch television and DVDs on their 62-inch plasma screen with enough speakers to annoy people two towns away or as the place where the family gathers to play video games or listen to music. That seems to be what they’re talking about, but that sounds suspciously like rooms that we already have, such as entertainment rooms, family rooms, or dens.  


It could not possibly be that we’ve invented a new, trendy word in order to describe something that already exists in an attempt to sound more important or more stylish, could it?




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