Back and Better than Ever

You’re all probly as surprised as I am that I haven’t written a monthly review of errors in months (I followed some not-so-super advice). I can’t help but think about how many complements about the smarter blog that might have been missed. In fact, it’s incredulous that the last one was months ago. I don’t know what I was I’m waiting on; I should have dove in by now.

I’ll man up now and upgrade the blog. Because it’s been so long, it’ll be a difficult road to hoe, catching up with recent posts. Us bloggers know our limits (unlike political pundits, who are obsessed with symbols of patriotism), so I’ll bring just a look at the last 5 weeks of posts so that I still have time to go to the scratch and dent sale and get ready for baseball season.

I promise to be more like a bull in a china shop in the future by keeping up with the monthly reports. I don’t want the blog to be not what it’s cracked up to be.


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