Pardon the Interruption

A recent Internet headline read Bear Interupts Live TV Broadcast. I had planned to read the article, but I got interrupted—and sidetracked—by that headline. If it had been possible, I would have interrupted the site editor before he or she posted the headline in order to correct the mistake, but of course, that wasn’t possible. The only thing that suffered interruption was my day—-since I spent too much time wondering how and why that obvious error was posted. Did the editor think that it was the correct spelling, or did he or she get interrupted while proofreading the article and then just forget about it?

I suppose that I should let it go since this happened several days ago, but once in a while, I still interrupt whatever I’m doing and reflect on yet another minor shortcoming of the information superhighway.


Paul’s book–Literally, the Best Language Book Ever;

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2 Responses to Pardon the Interruption

  1. Adrian says:

    I’ve just had the same feeling when I was reading Paul’s It’s Friday article. I’m still pondering what Jim Rome’s pet peeve is.

    (still learning your language)

    Reply: Thanks for the comment, and we’ll try to clear this up. I think that you’re saying that you didn’t understand this post or the one that Paul wrote on Friday.

    This one was simply about the misspelling of the word interrupts; the Internet headline said interupts (with one r, but it should have been two: interrupts).

    Jim Rome’s pet peeve is not directly related to grammar but, rather, to the annoyance of people not actually answering the question how are you with a standard “I’m fine” or “I’m having a bad day.” Instead, they answer with “It’s Friday” as if the weekend is an indication of happiness.

    We’re glad that you like the blog.

  2. Adrian says:

    I’m so sorry. I think I should have made it clear and not some sort of funny. If you would have just read Paul’s article and focus on the pet peeve you would have noticed the following “… one langauge [sic] pet peeve”.

    I hope it is clear now.

    Reply from Paul: Yes, it’s clear now. Thanks for clarifying.

    While there’s a difference between a headline for a major news organization (with professional copy editors) and a personal blog about language, I’m glad that you made me aware of the mistake. I should have proofread it more closely since I’m a bit of a human typo. 🙂

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