Sporting Errors

If you think that the monthly review of topics that we’ve covered is a thing of the past, then you’ve got another thing coming. In fact, that’s what I’m presently writing.

While politics separates us at times, sports often unites us together as we gather in our media rooms or man caves (rooms we seem to frequent a lot) and root for all of our teams to have a perfect 16-0 record. Sports goes acrossed political divides and collegiate rivalries (I graduated college many years ago) and gives us an opportunity to make a few snacks (try to avoid violating the two-second rule), avoid the world full of actual facts and overly hyped news coverage (Hurricane Ike coverage), and watch football on a Sunday afternoon.

That’s all well and good, but by Monday, the excitement of Friday will be long passed, and we will have to concern ourselves with the ordinary things of life, such as the weather forecast for the week and trying to save money.


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3 Responses to Sporting Errors

  1. Iris says:

    Hi. I learned a lot from your blog

    Reply from Sherry and Paul: How kind of you to say that, Iris. Thanks.

  2. krysjez says:

    Hey, I like this blog!
    Congratulate yourself on a new follower.

    Reply from Sherry and Paul: Welcome–we’re glad to have you.

  3. I’m always disappointed that “you’ve got another thing coming” isn’t a real expression — it seems sort of lively, as in “if you think you’re going to steal my boyfriend, you’ve got another thing coming,” namely, a punch in the face. Just for example. We were talking about another expression like this at work today: entering “unchartered territory” when you really mean “uncharted territory.”

    Reply: You make a good point about you have another thing coming; that would be much more satisfying, now, wouldn’t it.

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