Scratch and Dent Sale

Language and marketing are inseparable since the key to effective marketing is effective communication, and with that in mind, I’d like to mention that I’m troubled by the frequency of scratch and dent sales that take place at a local appliance store.

It’s troubling that they feel they need to draw people in by giving lower prices for items that are not in perfect condition (although the “dented” washer I bought 12 years ago continues to work wonderfully) rather than because of their good service, quality products, and competitive prices. It’s a great store; they shouldn’t have to resort to a “come and buy our imperfect merchandise” marketing scheme several times each year.

What I’m more concerned about, though, is what’s going on in their warehouse. Why are so many appliances dented? Is the appliance industry in such bad shape that they also use the warehouse as a training ground for professional wrestlers? Are the appliances stored under a big tent next to the golf course? Don’t they know that they could call the references listed on employee resumes to find out if the would-be employee has a history of dropping, kicking, or otherwise abusing household appliances?

I guess I shouldn’t concern myself with that—-my 12-year-old washer isn’t going to last forever, and it’s nice to know that I can get a good deal.


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