The People Have Spoken

Now that we’ve received over 100 comments in our Pet Peeves page, I thought that it might be a good time to highlight what annoys readers of the blog–about 20 per post. This will be the first installment. I’m doing them in the order they’ve been received, not by category.

We’ve talked about some of them (I’ve included a few links), and others we might discuss in the future.

Remember, these are language pet peeves, not necessarily grammar pet peeves. Just as in Literally, the Best Language Book Ever, some pet peeves might be gramatically sound but be ineffective or inappropriate for a different reason.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed, and add any more peeves to the Your Pet Peeves Page.

  • Are you for serious?
  • Me and him, as in Me and him went to the mall
  • I could care less (instead of I couldn’t care less)
  • She had her appendix out (in the same way that you might take a dog out for a walk)
  • The reason why/The reason is because/The reason why is because (Reason is Because) (The Reason is Already the Why)
  • Asterisk/astrik/astrix (Spelling and Pronunciation)
  • For sale: 50% off
  • Responding with “No problem” to “Thank you”
  • For free (grammar equivalent of saying “for cheap”)
  • Good versus well (That’s All Well and Good)
  • Looking to (such as saying “looking to buy a new car)
  • Fallen soldiers (they’re dead, not fallen)
  • is is (double is, such as saying “The problem is is that…”) We have to write about that one soon.
  • It doesn’t get much better than this (such as sportscasters who say it often–it can’t always be getting better)
  • Let me put it this way (No, just give me the facts!)
  • Yes, we/I can do this (instead of yes/I can do that.
  • woken (instead of awakened)
  • asking yourself why and then answering (Why am I writing this blog? Because I want to highlight the great pet peeves we’ve received)
  • Lie/Lay (the conjunctions of lie and lay)


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