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We know that there is a tendency for discussions on the Internet to become personal, petty arguments and attacks, but we’ve been lucky. Nearly everyone leaving a comment on our blog has been respectful and polite (thank you), but since we’ve never posted any rules about commenting on the blog, we’ll do that today.

Moderation Rules

All comments are moderated, so comments will not appear instantly on the site even if you’ve previously left comments. We reserve the right to  edit comments (or to not publish them) at our discretion; any editing will be to remove any inappropriate (profane or disrespectful) language, shorten exceptionally long comments, remove content unrelated to language and grammar, etc.

Comments will not be published if they include any type of personal attack, inflammatory language, overly negative language, or are not directly related to the topic.


Also, while the writers of the blog  may occasionally comment to a comment, we will not answer specific grammar questions inside of comments. Comments are intended to be short, succinct commentary on the topic at hand,  not areas for prolonged discussion between the writers and one reader or a Q&A with the writers. We’d rather spend our timing writing posts for everyone to read rather than answer a question of an individual.

We occasionally write posts about pet peeves we’ve received, so the Pet Peeves page is the best place to ask a question that we might address in the future.

–Paul and Sherry

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1 Response to Comment on Comments

  1. Joanna Greene says:

    Dear Paul and Sherry,
    My son was also corrected by his 5th grade teacher about the word sneaked. She wrote on his paper that snuck was the correct word!

    He cautiously sneaked past the lion. ( This is what he wrote.)

    I can’t tell you how many t.v. anchormen, writers, teachers, newspapers and dramas I have heard this snuck in. Hah!

    Another one I can’t stand is aks instead of ask. Thanks , Joanna

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