What Did the Pot Call the Kettle?

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure that I’ll say it again:  We all make mistakes, so we at languageandgrammar.com don’t usually play the gotcha game when we see a mistake; however, there are instances when language and grammar mistakes are a little too funny/ironic/disturbing to pass up.

All of the political signs shown here come from a community.livejournal.com site, linked here and linked from the images. These aren’t our images (believe me, they’re not!), so we want to make sure that proper credit is given. Follow the link for even more examples.

What Did the Pot Call the Kettle?


I can almost hear “Prowd too be an Amaricen” playing in the background.

Honk for BETTER-ER Spelling


I hope that they didn’t take that poor kid out of school for this–some more learnin’ are needed.

Boycott Third-Grade English Class


I also have to wonder who would possibly think a hyphen would be needed—-and he looks so darn proud of his sign.

I could show more, but I’m getting too disturbed…


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1 Response to What Did the Pot Call the Kettle?

  1. Dindy says:

    Love it! These are probably the same people who refused to let their kids listen to Obama’s speech because they were concerned about what he might teach their kids. Seems like some people need to get their priorities in order.

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