Just In Case…

Just in case you haven’t yet tired of the spoofs of Kanye West at the MTV Video Music Awards last week, here’s one more–it turns out he doesn’t like our site as much as Beyonce’s:


The image was courtesty of Tom from tornadotom.com–design with a twist.


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2 Responses to Just In Case…

  1. kk says:

    Is it correct to say ‘haven’t tired of’? Shouldn’t that be ‘aren’t tired of’ or ‘haven’t got(ten) tired of’? Please clarify.


    • languageandgrammar says:

      One is being used as a verb, and one is being used as an adjective. The verb “to tire” means to make weary, to exhaust. Studying all night tired him. The adjective “tired” means to be exhausted. I’m tired from studying all night.

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