Just Cabinets? I Don’t Think So…

Ok, maybe I’m an idiot (perhaps I should close the comments for this post?!?), but I had no idea that a local store (part of a regional chain) called Just Cabinets sold nearly every type of furniture known to man–sofas, tables, chairs, beds, mattresses, and dining room sets.

Seriously, I have driven past this store over a thousand times, and I’ve never seen the fine print on the sign talking about other furniture because the words JUST CABINETS–about two feet high– seemed to say it all.

Why would I even think that they sold something else?

On the Web site, the logo says JUST CABINETS, with a furniture & more under it. The sign in front of the local store says JUST CABINETS, with small print saying wood furniture and kitchen cabinets hiding in the shadow of the massive words. The text is too small for a driver, at least one who is looking at the road, to notice. Even if I had seen it, I would have assumed that they had cabinets and other country-like pieces of wood furniture, not an entire stock of furniture.

This is like a full-service pet store being called Just Fish when they have the cats and dogs that more people are interested in.

I learned about their extensive inventory during a recent advertising rush—-associated with their Going Out of Business Sale.

And I thought the Scratch and Dent Sales were poor marketing.


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1 Response to Just Cabinets? I Don’t Think So…

  1. Erin says:

    THANK YOU. (Yes, my caps are shouting—for joy.)

    I’m so happy to know I am not the only person irked by this naming convention!

    We had a store here called: Just Sofas. But in small print underneath it said: and Mattresses. It was maddening to me! If you sell mattresses AND sofas, you are not JUST sofas, you are Sofas and Mattresses. Or you could be Just Sofas and Mattresses—if the font size is equal, telling us those are the only two types of goods being sold.

    Just Sofas (and Mattresses) also went out of business recently. I blame the awful name.

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