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Autumn in Central Pennsylvania

Posted by languageandgrammar on October 16, 2009

We thought we’d go off topic today and show you pictures of a historic weather event where we live. (Don’t forget about Paul’s weather blog, cloudyandcool.com, which focuses on weather from a national perspective, including several posts about weather forecasts for the 2009-2010 winter.)

Not only did we establish a record for the earliest official snowfall, but we did it with flair–several inches fell, not just a few innocent flakes. The following pictures were taken by our friend Paula, who lives in a neighboring town. 

Snowflower or Sunflower?

Sunflowers weighed down by a heavy October snow

Sunflowers weighed down by a heavy October snow

Collision of Seasons

Fall tree covered by October snow

Fall tree covered by October snow

Fall and winter collide during October snow

Fall and winter collide during October snow

Disaster Emergency
The scene was beautiful in an odd way, with bright autumn colors mixed with scenes reminiscent of winter holiday cards, but the beauty was overshadowed by the danger. The heavy, wet snow falling on trees in full foliage resulted in a severe amount of damage to trees and power lines (at one point, nearly 20% of the customers of the main power supplier were without electricity), and many homes were severely damaged by fallen trees and limbs.

With the potential for another round of heavy snow from Friday night through Saturday night, this could be the type of weather event that leaves its mark for years and years to come, at least  in terms of damage to property and trees.

More pictures are available from friend Jesse on The WeatherMatrix Blog.

–Paul and Sherry


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