Costly Language Mistakes

Communication can be costly because how well you communicate will largely dictate your success, but I didn’t know a communication mistake could cost a business $340,000,000 (340 million)!

That’s what happened when a Japanese trader accidentally sold 610,000 shares of a stock for 1 yen instead of trading 1 share for 610,000 yen. Yikes! Talk about bad days at work.

A recent post (5 Typos That Broke the Bank) makes reference to this error, along with a $40,000 missing “l” and a typo that sends a woman 1,500 miles away from her intended destination.

Boy, I hate when that happens.


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2 Responses to Costly Language Mistakes

  1. colleen london says:

    Paul, How about the all too common confusion of million versus billion. You fell into that trap in writing about the Japanese trader’s mistake. If things can go wrong, they will.

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