Weather Whys in Bookstores

We can’t live on language and grammar alone, so please let me share my exciting news with you. My weather book, Weather Whys: Facts, Myths, and Oddities is available in bookstores (and online) now. I think that anyone who’s interested in the weather will enjoy it. For more weather information, stop by Cloudy and Cool.

While not a science-heavy book, easy-to-understand weather explanation is mixed with how the weather affects our lives, quite possibly in ways we’ve never thought of before, such as sporting events, health and home, and historic events. The book also separates fact from fiction as it relates to common weather beliefs and ancient wives’ tales. (A chapter-by-chapter outline is below)

Weather Whys can also be purchased in book stores (national chains and many independent bookstores), as well as through online book sellers:

For more information on the book, check out a few of the reviews:

Or, watch me talk about the book during my recent tv interviews:

Chapter-by-chapter outline:

Chapter 1: Bite-Size Morsels: Weather Basics

Chapter 2: It Always Rains in Seattle: Weather Myths and Misconceptions

Chapter 3: Weird Weather: Unusual and Surprising Phenomena

Chapter 4: From Our Forefathers to Hurricane Katrina: Weather History

Chapter 5: Field of Dreams: Sports-Related Weather

Chapter 6: What Does “Red Sky at Night” Mean?: Weather Wives’ Tales

Chapter 7: Plains, Trains, and Crops: How Weather Affects Transportation and Crops

Chapter 8: The Weather is Everywhere: Health and Home


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