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Is It Have Gone or Have Went?

Don’t get the past tense of the verb to go confused with the past participle of the verb to go. The past tense is went, and the past participle is gone, and each one has a different place in a … Continue reading

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The Past of -Cast: Is it Casted or Cast?

Some verbs are regular verbs, which means that they follow a set pattern when forming their tenses (for example, they add –ed when forming the past tense). Other verbs are irregular verbs, which means that they don’t follow those rules; … Continue reading

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Sneak’s Snuck Sneaked In

Flyers general manager in a quote in The Hockey News, February 26, 2008: Pittsburgh kind of snuck in the back door there. Speaking of sneaking, maybe that’s how the word snuck got into the dictionary; I can’t think of any … Continue reading

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