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Myself Cannot Be the Subject of a Sentence

Do not use myself as the subject of a sentence. Myself and the other -self words—himself, herself, ourselves, etc.—are  reflexives, and reflexives cannot be used as subjects. Nominatives should be used as subjects. The nominatives are I, we, he, she, … Continue reading

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Me, Myself, and I

A story on a regional news show ended with the interviewee saying, It was good for the neighborhood and myself. I was glad that things had worked out for the community, but, being as concerned as I am with grammar, … Continue reading

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This Redundancy is Self-Evident

Women are committing financial suicide to themselves, Oprah, 2/13/08. Suicide is already something that people do to themselves, not to other people, so adding the reflexive pronoun themselves is redundant. It means that women are killing themselves financially to themselves. … Continue reading

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