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What a Waste

While reading an Internet article on politics, I reluctantly ventured into the comments section. Have you ever noticed that many of the commenters can’t spell? This time, it was waist versus waste. The comment writer advised others not to waist … Continue reading

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Cancel One L

Remember that spelling rule you learned in elementary school about doubling the final consonant before adding -ed or -ing to a verb? Well, if you remember, then you know that there is a little more to the story. When making … Continue reading

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Political Pundits

Being a political pundit must be a great job. That has to be the case with being able to provide opinion, mainly critical, without having the responsibility to do any better—especially when it’s done on national television or in a … Continue reading

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The “C” in Arctic Stands for Cold!

While the blast of bitterly cold Canadian air will be the major weather story across the country for the next several days, I thought that it was a good time to correct a common pronunciation (and possibly spelling) error. The … Continue reading

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This Is Definitely an Error

Definitely has quickly become one of the most commonly misspelled words on the Internet. In fact, hardly a web page scrolls by where I don’t see it spelled definately. Again, the correct spelling is definitely. Think of the other words … Continue reading

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Spelling and Pronunciation Errors

Today, I’ll tackle a few spelling and pronunciation errors that I come across more often than I think I should. Sometimes, we just get into bad habits, automatically repeating another person’s pronunciation or spelling without realizing that we’ve seen or … Continue reading

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