We here at understand that not everyone agrees that the evolution of language, which is normal, should be done based on logic and need rather than on acceptance of mistakes or on a whim. That brings me to the suddenly trendy non-word staycation. I hope everyone agrees with me on this one–it’s too unnecessary and annoying to be used!

Staycation has become the trendy way to describe a vacation that’s spent at home. It’s a particularly popular term now since more people have chosen to stay at home for their vacation, partly because of the poor economy and partly because of the expense of gasoline. Staying at home for vacation, however, is not a new phenomenon even if it’s being done more frequently than before, so we certainly don’t need a new word for it–especially a  new word that sounds destined to make you sound as articulate as the award-winning word ginormous!


Paul’s book–Literally, the Best Language Book Ever;

Sherry’s Grammar List

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3 Responses to Staycation

  1. erinstraza says:

    This “word” is atrocious! I refuse to use it in the hope that it will die a quick death.

  2. Aleasa says:

    I won’t even pronounce it aloud.. That’s obnoxious.

  3. leftoverkumquats says:

    It sounds like someone desperate to extend their vocabulary.

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