If The Election Were Held Today…

Every time that I hear a reporter or guest on a “news” program talk about the upcoming election in terms of “If the election were held today, then…,” I want to finish the statement with “not very many people would vote since they’re expecting the election to be held in November as scheduled.”

Reporters obviously don’t mean that the election date might change; what they intend is more like “If the latest poll numbers remain the same, then such and such will happen in November.” 

I would prefer that they say it that way, of course, especially since I heard it several times in one evening of news coverage last week, but my overall preference would be that they not focus so much attention on the election. We don’t need a daily electoral vote count estimate; it’s not something that changes from day to day or week to week. It’s a one-time event that won’t take place until November. It’s not like a on-going event, such as a pennant race in baseball that requires a daily update.

I have a better idea: Instead of focusing on projected or estimated vote counts for months from now, focus on how the Senators Obama and McCain differ on issues so that those people who aren’t voting today will be better informed in November when it is time to vote.


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