The Errors of Summer

Even though I was initially uninterested, it peaked my curiousity when I read that, as we get older, we actually perceive time as moving more quickly. That might explain why it’s already time for my monthly post highlighting all of the errors in the past month–whomever (or is it whosever) said that the summer is flying by is right. I feel badly about that.

As a result, we at (Sherry and me) are preparing for a staycation since getting some time off this month was doable. We’re staycationing instead of vacationing not because of a negative savings rate or because her and I want to watch the Red Sox and Yankess on television, but because the summer has been comprised of so many activities. By the time year ends and the election has been decided, we want to have drank some lemonade by a pool.

If I weren’t doing some stealth advertising related to my book, then we were concerned about compromising the user experience by not writing enough posts or shopping for ripe fruit or reading about nuclear power (it’s the ultimate green energy source, you know!).


Paul’s book–Literally, the Best Language Book Ever;

Sherry’s Grammar List

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