It’s Friday!

I might be incorrect since I don’t know him, but sports talkshow host Jim Rome strikes me as a person who isn’t obsessed with grammar rules. He’s articulate and communicates well; otherwise, he’d never have been successful in his field, but I doubt that grammar and language are of great concern to him. Even he, though, has at least one langauge pet peeve. One two recent Friday afternoon shows, he warned his callers to not respond with an It’s Friday when asked How are you. I believe he also said that he doesn’t want to hear that It’s Monday in response to How are you to start the week.

I couldn’t agree with him more. I know what point people are trying to make–they’re looking forward to the weekend, so they’re feeling good–but telling someone what day it is when asked how you are is illogical and annoying. I guess it makes sense if saying 34 miles per gallon in response to what kind of car do you drive makes sense to you. It also makes sense if you want to make the point that 5/7 of your life is wasted while you wait for the weekend. That’s always a good way to make a positive impression on people.


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