Miami Book Fair, Here I Come

The Miami Book Fair is the largest and most prestigious book fair in the country, and I’m very excited to be one of the participating authors this year.

The festival, which takes place on the campus of Miami Dade College every year (and draws hundreds of thousands of book lovers), will be held from November 9 through 16, and I’ll be part of a language panel on Saturday, November 15, talking about my book, Literally the Best Language Book Ever. I will share the stage with fellow Perigee authors Ammon Shea (Reading the OED ) and Mim Harrison (Smart Words). After each of us gives a short presentation, we will answer questions from the audience and have a book signing. Our language discussion will take place at 3:30 p.m.


Paul’s book–Literally, the Best Language Book Ever

Sherry’s Grammar List

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