More Language Pet Peeves

I always like to say that everyone has at least one pet peeve, and based on the number of comments that we’ve received on the Your Pet Peeves page, I’m obviously right!

We’ve decided to occasionally highlight some of your pet peeves, so here are about 20. Since the first 10 are from the same person, I guess it’s safe to say that many of us have more than just one pet peeve!

  • Complaining about colloquialisms on the pet peeves page is a pet peeve of one reader (I will note that these are your pet peeves–they are neither right nor wrong, just something that bothers you, so complaining about colloquialisms is not our pet peeve–keep ’em coming.)
  • Pet peeves related to the work place. Those pet peeves included: “as per,”“on a going forward basis,” “touch base,” “shoot me an email,” “send this FYI.”
  • Sportscasters saying things like “The Green Bay Packers have perhaps one of the top 4 or 5 passing defenses in the National Football League.”
  • Saying “utilize” instead of “use”
  • When people use two words that mean the same thing, but make them sound different. For example, “Please specify a due date or deadline for this project.”
  • Irregardless, anyways
  • Using “proactively” before something to show your enthusiasm.
  • Saying things like “In these tough economic times…” or “In these times of violence and hate…”
  • Saying “to be honest with you” as if you aren’t normally honest
  • Refer back
  • Untimely death
  • Saying “We wanted it more” in sports (Oh, I hate that, too. Although it’s difficult for fans to imagine, there are times that “their” team loses because they weren’t good enough, not because they didn’t try hard enough.)
  • Where is it at? (Did I already post this one earlier? I dont’ remember, but I did write about it.)
  • Replacing “thank you” with “have a nice day”
  • Using “advises” when it should be “informing”
  • The construction “. . . wait, that did happen.”
  • Sentences like“I’d love for you to visit me,” “We’re going out for dinner,” and “I love that you painted it green”
  • Usaing “notwithstanding” instead of “not-with-standing”
  • Saying things like “Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,” since it’s redundant. There is only one chief justice–the one on the Supreme Court
  • Hisself
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2 Responses to More Language Pet Peeves

  1. Linda says:

    You wrote: “(I will note that these are your pet peeves–they are neither write or wrong, just something that bothers you, so complaining about colloguialisms is not our pet peeve–keep ‘em coming.)”

    OK…i am sure that you wrote this exactly as you wanted to, so I am trying to figure out why you wrote “write” instead of “right,” “or” instead of “nor,” and “colloguialisms” instead of “colloquialisms. ”

    Enliten [sic] me, pleez [sic].

    • languageandgrammar says:

      Because I wanted to include some samples of errors inside of the post….or….because I wrote it too quickly and didn’t proofread it…. 🙂 (I corrected the errors.)


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