Words Worthy of Being Trashed

While I may have written a book on the topic (Literally, the Best Language Book Ever), it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who thinks that some words, phrases, and expressions deserve to be tossed into the nearest dumpster.

Lake Superior State University recently issued its list of banished words. The Web-word “Viral” topped this list (although its usage has now slipped into some mainstream conversations for some reason), with “epic” and “fail” as trash-worthy runners-up.

The university started their tradition in 1976–long before I was on the case. The redundant and wordy way of saying “now”, “at this point in time,” was the 1976 winner.

Read the entire article on yahoo news.

Oh, did I mention that I wrote a book on the topic? (Reminder–promotion doesn’t have to be subtle–ha!)

Literally the Best Language Book Ever

Literally, the Best Language Book Ever


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