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True Patriotism

The terms patriotic and unpatriotic have been tossed around in recent years more than a drunken rookie bull rider, with its most common usage being a repeated assertion by the McCain campaign (on many fronts–by himself, Governor Palin, campaign workers, … Continue reading

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McCain Condescension

Senator John McCain accurately made the point in the final presidential debate last night that you need to look closely at the words people use. He did it in reference to a point about Senator Barack Obama, but I’ll do … Continue reading

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Being Condescending Toward Palin

We know that this is a blog about language and grammar, not politics, but we can stand it no longer. This nonsense about how difficult it will be for Senator Biden not to appear condescending to Governor Palin in this week’s … Continue reading

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Political Attacks

There are two aspects of communication—speaking and listening. The blog focuses mainly on the speaking part, of course, but I’ll look at the listening part today since it’s just as important. The Democratic and Republican conventions have come and gone … Continue reading

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Misspoken Identity

I watched an hour of cable television news recently, and that means two things: 1) The only newsworthy items in the world were what Senators Clinton and Obama think of each other and what issues Senator McCain was flip-flopping on that … Continue reading

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Candidates Lash Out

I know what you may be thinking by now: I thought this was a language and grammar blog, but it’s more like a language, grammar, and politics blog! That’s not true. In fact, there is no truth to the rumor that we at … Continue reading

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