Weather on Your Weekend

Can I register a complaint about my own blog on my own blog? Is that legal? Why do I keep asking myself questions? I hate when people do that!

Anyway, I’m the meteorologist, and everyone else on this blog is talking about the weather, including my co-writer Sherry Coven (The Plurals are Rain and Snow) and someone to whom she linked (Wintry Mix). That should clearly fall into my job description; in fact, I’ve already done so here (50% Chance of Rain), and since I work at AccuWeather (my weather blog), I should be the one making fun of the Weather Channel.

With that long-winded (weather pun) lead, I shall begin. I would like to watch 10 minutes of Weather Channel programming (it would be more like 3 minutes if there weren’t so many commercials) without hearing one of their weather presenters saying something along the lines of It will be pleasant for your weekend or It’s going to be cold on your Friday or It will be wet to start your day. In fact, in Sherry’s aforementioned blog about rain and snow, the quote she used from the Weather Channel (Here’s a look at your snows on your Saturday. We’re looking at wind-driven snows.) included two your references.

I understand what they’re trying to do–they’re trying to personalize the weather for the home viewer. There’s a problem, though–it doesn’t work. Everyone shares the weekend (even if someone works on the weekend, it’s still the weekend); everyone shares Friday; most of us share work days. These are not individual items for individual people. They cannot be personalized.

Even if it did work, there’s such a thing as overkill–and the Weather Channel used up the last of its allotment of your weekend (or your Saturday, your Sunday, your morning commute, your afternoon knitting club, your trip to the gas station on the corner) references about 10 years ago.


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