What Annoys You…

It’s time for more of your pet peeves, taken straight from comments left on the Your Pet Peeves Page. We’re grateful for all of the comments that we’ve gotten so far, so wanted to highlight them.

I’m listing them in the order that they were received and am including any links to posts that we wrote that match well with the peeve being mentioned.

  • confusing you’re and your (You’re/Your)
  • using the pronoun after stating the noun (such as a sportscaster saying “The Milwaukee Brewers they play the Cubs this afternoon)
  • Saying “What’s your name from home?” instead of asking about a maiden name
  • There she goes again coming back (What?!?!?)
  • Misuse of “I feel,” such as “I feel this will be a difficult election year”
  • Confusion between “every day” and “everyday” (Does this happen everyday or every day?)
  • “Down” for direction (such as “going down to the park.”)
  • Family name apostrophes on houses, etc. (Wilson’s residence)
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Number
  • Using a single hyphen instead of a double to indicate a dash (that was a shot at yours truly, but the problem was a glitch in my wordpress template–(double) how’s that for deflection?)
  • Plan ahead
  • Past history/past experience
  • Mispronouncing “a” and “the” in front of certain words
  • Where’s it at (Where are you at?)
  • Using “whenever” when it should be “when”
  • Skipping the “to be” verb (such as “Does it need painted?”) Note: This peeve is dedicated to western Pennsylvania
  • “They finally won their first game of the season” instead of something like “They finally got their first victory.”
  • “free reign” when it should be “free rein” (Wait–that was about a mistake in Literally, the Best Language Book Ever. If you don’t believe me, then you’ll have to buy and copy and look for the mistake–how’s that for not-so-subtle promotion?)
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5 Responses to What Annoys You…

  1. cassalee says:

    I hate when people use “I” instead of me because they think that they are sounding smart, when in fact “me” is actually correct (Would you call it an oxymoron?). As I am sure you know “I” is subject; “me” is objective. “I” does sound better sometimes, but let us not neglect the pronoun “me.” It sounds right does not mean it is right.

  2. Stephen says:

    Cassalee, I know what you mean! I see that “(Insert friend’s name here) and I” [nonsense] on photo captions all the time, and it [annoys] me. What also [annoys] me is when stores use a decimal and then a “cents” sign to show a price.

    .99c is not 99 cents. It is actually less than one cent. It should be $.99 or 99c.

    It’s not really grammar, but it is quite annoying.

    As far as grammar goes, I’m annoyed by over-using apostrophies and under-using commas.


  3. Stephen says:

    I saw a Shell commercial tonight, and the “scientist” actor says, “Every drop of Shell gasolines contain additives…” I slapped my forehead because he used a plural verb on a singular noun, and now millions of people are going to see that commercial and possibly be influenced by the incorrect grammar.

  4. jrm says:

    On the gasoline thing, it bugs me too. And they know it’s wrong, but they do it anyway because they think the viewing audience is so stupid they’ll think it sounds better that way. Sadly, they are probably right.

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