Envy Versus Support

When given a choice between something positive or negative, always pick the positive. That’s the case in  life and in language, and most negative words and emotions are closely related to positive words and emotions.

For instance, why be envious when you can be supportive instead?


An envious person is one who focuses on something that another person has in a covetous way–whether it be an accomplishment or a possession–leaving the envious person feeling negative and less hopeful.

This makes sense since the envious person is focusing on the negative–wanting the other person to fail or focusing on what he, himself, doesn’t have or hasn’t accomplished. This is not the approach successful people use.


A supportive person is one who encourages another in a helpful way–by encouraging someone to do (or be) more or sharing the joy of another person’s accomplishment or abundance–leaving the supportive person feeling positive and more hopeful.

This also makes sense since the supportive person is focusing on what is possible, not only for others but also for himself.

A focus on the positive and a belief  in the future–that’s a hallmark of success.


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