Word of the Year–Unfriend

The Oxford English dictionary recently announced its new word of the year for 2009, unfriend. This was no doubt made popular by Facebook, where the act of “friending” and “unfriending” happens all the time.

I have wondered about the need of turning the perfectly fine noun friend into a verb since I joined Facebook, especially since the verb befriend has expressed the sentiment effectively since about 1850. (That was before Facebook, right?).

Friending seemed like such an awkward word choice–although it seems graceful compared to its newly ordained counterpart, unfriending. Maybe that’s why I don’t spend much time of Facebook….

For more on the topic of unfriending, stop by Mighty Red Pen (Don’t make me unfriend you).


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1 Response to Word of the Year–Unfriend

  1. I really hope friend and unfriend stays confined to facebook because if people start friending people in real life I think it is all over for English. I know it is meant to change and evolve but this appears to be more of a step backward.

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