Not Everyone Celebrates Christmas!

This is something that originally appeared in a weather post on my weather blog (Cloudy and Cool) last year. It was a larger post about the possibility of a White Christmas for many. The weather part of the blog is not applicable now, but since Hanukkah is currently going on, this part is:

Not Everyone Celebrates Christmas!

When talking about Christmas, it seems silly to randomly substitute the word holidays in an attempt to be inclusive of others. A Christmas tree is not more inclusive if it’s called a holiday tree, and Christmas lights are not any less denominational when called holiday lights.

There’s a better way of being inclusive of non-Christians: Treat them with the respect they deserve.

For example, don’t wish someone who you know celebrates Hanukkah a “Happy Holiday” on December 25 when Hanukkah was three weeks earlier. Instead, wish them a Happy Hanukkah during Hanukkah. Similarly, don’t assume that people who you don’t know celebrate Christmas.

Also, don’t be upset if stores cater to people of all religions (or the non-religious) by talking about the entire holiday season rather than focusing on just Christmas.

There is a lot of discussion at this time of year about a war on Christmas by those who believe that Christmas is a national event, not a religious event.

We want to remind everyone that Christmas is a religious holiday that is not celebrated by everyone.

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