28 Language Errors in One Post!

I did alot of ideating today and decided to start a new regular feature on the blog: a post that highlights all of the entries that Sherry and I have written in the past month. I thought that I would start on your Monday. Organizing the material was like a nightmare or something, but yet I thought it was worth doing. It’s not because it would result in more income coming in, but the reason is because highlighting these ones would point out the inanity of the way in which we speak.

When laying down for a nap, I gave myself some pushback about doing these kind of posts, but I drug myself out of bed, turned on NPR Radio, and soon the keyboard was literally on fire from the speed of my typing. I had enough self-confidence in myself to know that the post would turn out alright.

There’s a couple of things that I may have misrememberedwho versus that, eck cetera–but I have to wrap this up since I have to go to the store (I hope I don’t have any problems with SUVs in the parking lot) before the rains begin. I have less things to pick up than I had originally thought, but at least it will still be light out because of Daylight Savings Time (asterik).

Un-Freaking-believable–I actually did it. I’m sorry if anyone was offended by my post.

(asterik) In the year two thousand and eight, DST started earlier than it had in the past.


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