Politically Incorrect

Its been awhile since I’ve done one of my very unique entires that highlights all of the errors that we’ve talked about in the past month (28 Language Errors in one Post), so I thought I’d write another one today. To make it interesting, I gave this entry a political theme. Granted, it might not interesting enough for a press release, but I put enough sweat equity into it (along with doing research in the dictionary) so that I hope you enjoy it.

Irregardless of the need for the candidates to flesh out their positions on a number of important topics, the general consensus is that the election process has gone on expecially long this year. Living in Pennsylvania, which has traditionally been a blue state (but could be more accurately called a purple state), all of the candidates have telecasted commercials in recent weeks, and while I don’t mean to infer that the candidates could of been lying, their tendency to misspeak means that getting accurate information about the issues has been a hit-and-miss prospect.

I did some research before I started writing this post (I’d also done some site updates), and I’ve decided that the only reasonable resolution is to determine the Democratic nomination by having a taste test, as long as everything are done the same for both candidates. It seems fair, and, more importantly, it would save us time and money. It could be simulcasted on radio and television, and as long as none of the candidates becomes nauseous, we’ll know within minutes if the person we’d forecasted to win actually won.


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