It’s Doable

What’s doable for me is writing a blog about how annoyed I get at hearing everyone say it’s doable. Just so I’m being clear, I’m not saying that this is not a word; however, just because something is a word doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily the best way to express yourself.

I have included many similar examples in Literally, the Best Language Book Ever, and for doable, it’s a combination of factors that makes it a less-than-stellar language choice. Not only is it horribly overused, and overuse tends to make even snappy phrases boring, but it’s also informal and inexpressive.

While I think that there is always a better choice than it’s doable, I think it’s especially important at work since studies have shown that employees with good communication skills (effective, direct, and professional) have more success (higher wages, more promotions). If you’re asked to do a project, then simply responding with Yes, I can do that will be direct, effective, and more professional than It’s doable.

Do something good for yourself–stop saying doable!


Paul’s book–Literally, the Best Language Book Ever;

Sherry’s Grammar List

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