Man Can’t Live on Language and Grammar Alone

While the title of this post must be shocking to those of you who read this blog regularly, it’s true. We here at have diverse skills and interests, and one of mine is meteorology.

Having worked as an operational meteorologist (weather forecaster) for more than 20 years before shifting to the editorial side of the weather (managing editor of a weather Web site), I always have something to say about the weather. With that in mind, I’ve recently started a weather blog called (cloudy and cool is my favorite type of weather).

It’s not a weather forecasting blog–there are enough of those out there. This will be a blog that gives opinion on weather-related topics, such as observations about how weather is covered in the media, fallacies of weather forecasters, improvements in the field, weather wives tales, strange weather phenomenon, and anything else that strikes my weather fancy.

If you’re interested in the weather, stop by–and if you have weather questions that you’d like to have addressed, leave a comment on or send an e-mail to


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