We’re Not the Only Ones with Pet Peeves!

This is another installment of your pet peeves, taken straight from the comment section of the Your Pet Peeves page. We’re doing this because we ran out of topics–I mean because we want to highlight your pet peeves.

Seriously, one of the great things about the blog has been hearing what bothers other people–whether it be a grammatical mistake or just an annoying or misused phrase.

Here are about 20 more of yours:

  • “Further” for distance (instead of farther)
  • Using “may” when it should be “might”
  • “Then/Than” confusion (Example: My pet peeves are better then yours)
  • “They’re/there/their” confusion (They’re, Their, They’re)
  • Using “of” instead of “have” (Could Of, Should Of, Would Of–I Mean, Have)
  • Misuse of “Person and me” (Example: Languageandgrammar.com is written by Sherry and myself or Languageandgrammar.com is written by Sherry and I) (Fun with Pronouns) (Me and You)
  • “whole entire” redundancy
  • “attempt to try” redundancy
  • “desire to want” redundancy
  • “same exact” redundancy (If It’s The Same, then It’s Exact)
  • “whole generation” redundancy–am I repeating myself?
  • “hunker down” “hunker in the bunker” overuse by the media
  • mispronunciation of “negotiations” as “nego-see-a-shuns” (I never thought of that, but I think she’s right–now I’ll be annoyed when I hear it.)
  • “Healthy/healthful” confusion (Is it healthy or healthful?)
  • “I will be going to…,” “I will be asking…,” and “I will be giving,” instead of “I will go,” “I will ask,” and “I will give”
  • “as per” and “going forward” (overly trendy) (Example: Going forward, we’ll follow the rules as per our agreement) (Meeting Doubletalk)
  • Overuse of “awesome”
  • Overuse of, like, “like” (It Was Like a Nightmare or Something)
  • “Two choices” when it’s two options (two, I mean, too subtle)
  • “Buy now and save” (Spend and Grow Rich)
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