The good news is that I might have been too harsh on one of the terms that I’ve made reference to in the past–man cave. Sure, it’s annoying, trendy, and sexist with a seventh-grade maturity level, but at least it’s made of two words that are otherwise useful.

The bad news is that there is a new term with all of the same charming characteristics of man cave, and it’s one of those special hybrid words–you know, like the wildly popular ginormous.

Move over man cave; mantuary is now on the map, as was indicated in a recent AOL headline: One Guy’s Mantuary Has Bar, Games, and Biggest TV We’ve Ever Seen.

I wonder why men ever get married–if we’re to believe that they’re only ever happy in caves where beer flows continuously, sports rolls on bigger-than-life televisions, and a sign on the door says “no women allowed.” In other words, a man is only happy when he’s in his sanctuary, a mantuary.


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