A young woman, with a name that begins with an Mc, is sponsoring a Special Olympics charity event called McFest, and McDonald’s is putting up a fight.

Read the story in this walletpop article.

McDonald’s is hoping for an “amicable solution,” but “the law requires us to guard against third parties that infringe our trademarks and to take the necessary action to stop those infringements,” said McDonald’s spokesperson Ashlee Yingling. “We believe the mark at issue, ‘McFest,’ is similar enough to our brand name and McDonald’s famous family of ‘Mc’ trademarks that it’s likely to cause confusion under trademark standards and/or dilute our valuable trademark rights.”

Similar to the Oprah controversy I wrote about a few months ago (Oh, Brother Moment), this kind of stuff is ridiculous, or should I say McDiculous.


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