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No Exclusions!

I recently received a  flier in the mail from a department store whose goal it was to alert me to their latest sale offer. Their big news was that I could get 10 dollars off my sale or clearance purchases … Continue reading

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Marketing Diet Kool Aid to Adults

By Paul Yeager, author of Literally, the Best Language Book Ever The difference between a success and a flop is often not the product; it’s often the marketing. And marketing is certainly the first thing I thought of when I … Continue reading

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A young woman, with a name that begins with an Mc, is sponsoring a Special Olympics charity event called McFest, and McDonald’s is putting up a fight. Read the story in this walletpop article. McDonald’s is hoping for an “amicable … Continue reading


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Just Cabinets? I Don’t Think So…

Ok, maybe I’m an idiot (perhaps I should close the comments for this post?!?), but I had no idea that a local store (part of a regional chain) called Just Cabinets sold nearly every type of furniture known to man–sofas, … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi Marketing

While flipping through the television stations recently, I noticed that the Sci Fi Channel is now the SyFy Channel, and not knowing what SyFy was, I did a little research (Sci Fi Becomes SyFy). As it turns out, Sci Fi … Continue reading

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Smarter Planet; Dumber Advertising

It must be something about companies with initials for names since both IBM and BMW are producing “smarter” products. In fact, IBM, which always has grand plans, wants to make the entire planet smarter. Smart, as an adjective, typically means … Continue reading

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