Are You Killing the Apostrophe?

I came across this column on the demise of the apostrophe, called Are You Killing the Apostrophe. It makes no sense to me to discard a perfectly good and useful mark of punctuation simply because some people don’t know how to use it and aren’t willing to learn. A similar argument has been made about the word whom——but that’s another story.


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2 Responses to Are You Killing the Apostrophe?

  1. dennis says:

    I had this conversation with a friend a few weeks ago. I think apostrophes are an unnecessary remnant of times past. There are many words that hold different meanings, so I won’t be confused if ITS means the possession or contraction. It doesn’t work quite as seemlessly with WELL and HELL but, hey, well get through it come hell or high water. I talked about starting an anti-apostrophe movement. Just sayin’.

    • Robert1991 says:

      Oho. The English language works quite SEAMlessly in most situations. I say most only because I don’t speak in absolutes, but aside from that, I agree with Chase, because there’s no need to reconsider an age-old punctuation mark simply because one particular person (dennis) doesn’t feel like stretching his right pinky out another centimeter to strike the correct key.

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